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Do it yourself - 14 Bolt Disc Swap
Part #'s for Conversion

Normal price here is $25.00

Foster Part # HY141049
Raybestos Part # 5014
Aimco Part # 5523
IPI Part # 567

WearEver Part # 5670586 (Advance Auto)

Napa Part # 85677

Wagner Part # BD-60427

Anything else? please contact us for further list.
Caliper Pins for Chevy front calipers (No E-Brake)-U.S. Brake Parts Part #JUA5003A

Chevy Front Calipers (No E-Brake) Wagner Part #'s WGL L116348& WGL L116349

ARI "Loaded calipers" Part #'s 4077 & 4078 (has pads with calipers)

Hub Seal-Federal Mogul Part #2081

Pinion Seal-Federal Mogul Part #2286

Cadillac Calipers-Raybestos Part #'s RC6021 and RC6022.... (Caliper Pads)- Bendix Part # D122

Long Studs Dorman Part no. 610-301
How many of you Guys & Gals have been seeing the GM 14 Bolt for years with the Disc Conv. on it but couldn't or didn't want to spend the $$$ to buy it! Sure there are some kits out there that were outrageous prices for "just the brackets"!! I know everyone who knows anything about cars or trucks can tell you that Disc brakes have many advantages to them. The key advantage to me is the weight savings you get when you put them on and throw the heavy drums away. The other big one "around here" is that any of you guys & girls can confirm that when you play in MUD they have a "problem" with packing up inside of the drum with MUD/DIRT! I don't know about you but I really can't afford to tear them apart every time I play in the MUD. Yes it is simple but as you can guess I'm lazy....:):) This in the easiest of terms kills your braking "if any" to worse than "stock" specs. If you got BIG tires on there it's even worse! Below is the "play by play" install of this kit on the GM Corporate 14 Bolt rear axle.

First, let's get the "Technical" stuff out of the way. This kit "currently" only fits the single-wheel, 14 Bolt, "Full Floater" rear axles from early 1973 to 1985. You can distinguish these rear axles before 1985, because they rear brake drums are held onto the hub with the wheel studs. The drum is unable to slide off without removing the hub. The later (86-up usually) 14 bolt axles have a "floating" drum that you are able to take off and inspect the brakes without having to remove the axle shaft and hub from the axle. Another way to distinguish a FF 14 rear it has the 6 bolt "flange" behind the yoke on the pinion.

Now that you have clearly identified the axle, the steps below detail the installation process. If you have any questions please E-mail me and I will answer them as quickly as possible. To make things easy for you just get the ROTORS/CALIPERS/PADS/BRAKE LINES from a Dana 44 front axle from a 1973 Chevy 3/4 ton 4x4 truck. They fit perfect without any machine work needed.  Also if you are going to or are running "Aluminum" rims I use new wheel studs from a "Dually" 14 they have more stud length for the thicker rim center.

If your wondering where to get these brackets call me or send me a e-mail I have these laser cut for me locally.  If you have any problems with the rear axle brakes locking up after the disc brake install I also have NEW GM Disc/disc Factory proportional valves also available for sale upon request.

Thank You,   Tim "Shaker"
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