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75 Blazer® Resto
   Well it has been a few months since my white 83 Blazer named " Ghost " had been cut up and scrapped out.  I heard through a few sources that a friend of a friend had a nice 75 blazer possibly for sale.  I jumped right on the possibility of finding a " nice " condition full convertible Blazer here in Virginia where rust takes it's toll on antique metal.  I eventually got a hold of the guys name and number and arranged a meeting to check it out. 
    I went to the guy's house to look at it and I could barely control myself it was a bone stock 75 Blazer 4x4 that had been unmodified and in my favorite color of blue.  I was glad that the previous owner had a body shop and had put a new front clip and rear quarter panels on it with it's current paintjob.  The only body panels that had any rust were the lower door skins were starting to bubble through and it still bothers me why he didn't replace those too during the bodywork.  The motor started right up with no hesitation and no smoke.  I had already made my mind up to buy the Blazer before I heard the motor run because I had everything else to put in it.  After looking for about 5 years I finally located a good body to restore the way I wanted.  I even managed to get a full convertible soft top BRAND NEW still in the box from him also which no one makes anymore!  Here are a few pictures below to show the condition of my diamond in the rough...let the fun begin.

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