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75 Blazer® Resto Page 2
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    I put it on the road and drove it during the summer fixing a few things as was needed.  During a local 4x4 club fund raising ride I made my mind up to get the factory AC hooked up and working properly.  I can't tell you how hard it is to find the factory AC brackets for this. Lucky I had a friend down the road who had a 77 chevy truck with the brackets for everything mainly the compressor because by Blazer had headers and they were removed.  I then called up LMC and Advance Auto to order all the AC switches and all new AC components.  I dropped it off at a friends house who installed everything and charged it up with R-134 to get it chilling back like it was in 75.  Everything was working great until one night coming back from the drag races it started making some noises and noticed that the oil pressure had suddenly dropped from 45 psi. to 0!  We were a long distance from home but we made it back without a tow truck and all the rods still in the motor.  I really didn't want to get into installing a new engine this quickly but here we go.  The motor had been freshly rebuilt I was told but take that as it is with no documentation to prove it. 
    It now is January of 2010 and the Blazer is in the process of getting a new engine, transmission and transfer case.  I went with a brand new Jasper 350 engine with a few modifications such as a high flow water pump, aluminum valve covers, aluminum intake with a Edelbrock 600 cfm carb. on it.  I put truck manifolds on it so I could use the factory AC brackets and solve that pesky exhaust leak that the headers provided.  I also decided to change the transmission from the Turbo 350 to a later model 700R4 that has a overdrive unit to get better gas mileage.         
    The transmission was going to take some work to fit a non overdrive equipped vehicle.  I did some homework on which way I was going to make this all work because Chevy never made a 700R4 to hook up to a NP 205 transfer case.  I figured out a way to get it all to work together I hope it has yet to get to the driving stage.  I contacted Advanced Adapters and they make a rear output shaft conversion kit ( Part # 50-6900 ) that you can switch the rear output shaft out so you can use the factory GM NP 205 adapter for the Turbo 350 transmission.  There are a few other ways this could be done but I wanted this to look like a factory install (that was never made but they should have)! When I had my Transmission man rebuild it he also did a shift kit and some heavy duty internal parts with corvette servos.  I also had him install a torque converter lock up controller made by TCI ( Part # 376601 ) this will take care of the overdrive working properly.  I will also be able to hit a switch on my dash to control the lock up on the converter if I don't want it to kick in.  With all of these modifications I hope it works out like I want it too.
    The last but most important piece of the new drivetrain swap is the NP 205 transfer case.  This was the best transfer case GM ever made for us 4x4 guys.  I did not even want to put the NP 203 back in it because it's junk unless you are make a doubler out of the range box like in did in my 83 Blazer named White Ghost.  In the middle of