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83 Blazer Project R.I.P.
Built by © 2009-2010
Yeah I got another project going on again. You those of you who are asking what about the 4 Runner. Let's just say that the future don't look good for it (I parted it out). I got the Blazer from a guy who was just wanted to get rid of it. He was driving this daily on 39's and lets just say the gas mileage isn't that great-LOL. I got it from him with a 14 bolt already in the back due to his 12 bolt coming apart. I sold him the rear axle that I had and while he was putting it in he kept saying he outta sell it. When I was at home I got tired of the 4 runner mods to get it heavy duty so I made a call and struck a deal to purchase the blazer. The next day it was delivered to my house (cool huh). It was riding on "borrowed tires" from my bud Dave "Cornbread Suspension". After it got in my driveway it was put on stock tires for it's transformation. The 1'st thing I had planned was to put the 10 Bolt front axle out and switch it with a rebuilt 44 HD 8 lug front I had laying around. A locker was put in the front at the same time as the install. Now I had matching gears in it again so I could at least be able to use 4WD if needed.
Dana 44 after it was swapped in
Hooking up the steering until X-over is built
I kept the stock steering mainly because I'm building a "Bulletproof" Dana 60 Front for it already and I don't want to redo the steering as soon as I get it installed. I figure only having this axle in there for a few weeks. I plan on doing my Hi-Steer Cross Over on the 60 at the same time of the axle install. I got to have the truck able to move instead of tying up the driveway (like it's been doing). I am currently building a "Bullet proof" Dana 60 axle using top notch components. I'm just about done getting all the parts together for the rebuild. While I had the truck in the driveway I went ahead and put my 14 Bolt disc Conversion on the rear axle.  It's a real easy install to do yourself. While I had all the brake lines disconnected I went ahead and did all of them with Stainless Steel Lines to replace all the stock rubber ones. I also installed a proportioning valve on the rear line up close to the master cylinder and attached it to the firewall. I then took a "Line Lock" and put it on the front line on the master cylinder to use as a temporary E-Brake until I get my "Doubler" installed with the "High Angle Driveline" E-Brake on the rear of the 205. :) I also did a "Shackle Reversal" for the rear to get rid of that 4 in. block in the rear. I will to put it in when I put the truck on blocks again for the 60/Doubler install. You get the impression yet that this thing is never going to end-I am...LOL.
My 14 Bolt disk conv. kit installed
Rear axle removed ready to redo suspension