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    After looking around for a few years for a decent 1 ton 4x4 Crew Cab SRW (single rear wheel) pick up truck I located one.  I actually bought two 1991 crew cab 4x4 trucks and I took the best one of the two and decided to make it my " Party Wagon ".  I will use it to haul all my other projects around as well as have a classic square nose crew cab.  The 1991 Crew Cab is the last year of that square nose design that Chevy has had since 1974 in one form or another.  It has a few choice parts such as a fuel injection along with Air Conditioning.  It also has a 4L80E Automatic transmission which is basically a Turbo 400 with overdrive unit on top of having the bullet proof NP205 transfer case-yeah baby.  They only had this combo 1 year before going to the chain drive transfer case junk.  The main thing is it has the heavy duty solid axle suspension with the Dana 60 front along with the 14 Bolt rear axle along with having 4 doors!  They only changed subtle things such as marker light locations and four different headlight designs as well as a few grill changes.  Here are a few pictures of it as I received it below.
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91 crew cab stock as can be-nice hubcaps
stock sexy rear
    I already have started working on the interior by removing everything and checking the floor pans for any holes and rust.  After taking everything out the floor pans were perfect but I do have to put a driver side rocker panel under the front door and the passenger side under the rear door along with the cab corner.  Doing these are no big deal on these trucks.  I did have a little spot of surface rust on the d-side under the e-brake pedal.  After doing the primer and letting it dry I took some "Dynamat" and covered the complete rear wall along with the complete floorboard which took two days doing it right.  Then after doing that I laid out the wiring and routed all of it through the cab.  It was all taped down and labeled before the new carpet kit was installed.  It did take some patience too lay it in and carve all the seat belt mounts and seat holes. This will have to do until it warms up this spring to get the rest of the interior finished. If you look on the other page you will see some pictures while this was getting done. 
    I also decided that I wanted some front end protection for my newly acquired dream ride.  I was looking at a few aftermarket companies and decided to go with a " Buckstop" brand bumper in what they call the outback series.  I was very impressed with the design and customer service so I ordered my bumper as well as one for my dads 2007 Duramax.  When we picked them up from the shipping company they were wrapped very good.  They are a sweet design and I am very impressed on how well the fit both trucks.  I can tell they have a lot of time in R&D with these and the powder coating is top notch also.  I also decided that before I put the bumper on I might as well order me a 12,000 pound winch just in case I ever get stuck or need to help someone else.  Pictures of the install are on the next page.
has a long way to go from this interior
a nasty engine bay with a stock motor