Some photos from customers. (Click for larger view)
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Everything stripped out
Happy to see solid floor pans under the mat
Rocker panel needs replacing on d-side
Front all done with Dynamat and wires ran
New front bumper brackets getting installed
Rear done also with new carpet installed
As you can see on the above picture when I was fitting the front bumper mounts on the frame I took a little time and cleaned the front frame section.  I will eventually do the complete frame when it warms up and paint it thoroughly.  The mounts went on with very little modification then it was time to unwrap the bumper.  The brush guard section of the bumper was bolted on top of the main bumper.  The bumper together was about 300 lbs. plus the installed 12,000 lb winch so I used a cherry picker to mount the bumper on the truck it worked out very easily.  I got the winch bolted on and the fairlead along with the license plate bracket.  I also went ahead and installed some 100 watt off road lights in the bumper holes which was very easy and looked great.  Pictures on the next page of bumper install.