Some photos from customers. (Click for larger view)
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Shakerbuilt Projects
Shakerbuilt's Straight Axle Swap on Seth's 92 Toyota.

By: Tim Fryer "Shaker"
Built by © 2009-2010
I have a friend named Seth that helped me doing odd things around here with the 4x4 work on my trucks.  We did this truck a few years ago now.  He has always wanted to do something with his truck beyond the normal bolt on stuff.  When he saw another Toyota that I did a SAS (Straight Axle Swap) on he kept it in his mind that's what he wanted to do someday to his.  We started gathering pieces here and there to do a SAS kit to do his during his "Spring Break" from his senior year in High School.  We figured out what he wanted to do to his truck and It took a few weeks of preparation for the "Slam Session" on his trucks transformation.  I talked to all of my friends in the 4x4 world and saw what they had lying around to help him with his swap.  It was a BIG learning experience for him because he never had much experience with 4x4 stuff until he started hanging around here. There won't be any question to what he did during his spring break when he heads back to school-LOL.  Below are pictures during the progress of getting everything ready and installation. 
Here are a few pics of getting the parts ready to install into the housing...the fun stuff
It's hard to believe doing the assembly takes longer than the SAS job does.
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