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Shakerbuilt Projects
"Bulletproof"  PART 2 (continued)

Dana 60 Build Up

By: Tim Fryer "Shaker"
Built by © 2009-2010
After I was able to locate a housing ( BOM # 610159 ) so I went ahead and ordered my "Kingpin Rebuid Kits" so I could go ahead and put all new bearings/seals before I put the knuckles on. You got to do some shopping around getting these because they can be pretty $ expensive $ in price. I made a few calls to get everything. I currently keep all the parts to rebuild your DANA 60 axle, e-mail me for details. I then decided to run the non-greasable u-joints (Spicer Part # SPL55-3x) because they have a forged cross. For those of you who want to run the greasable u-joints here is the (Spicer Part # SPL55-4x). Someday I will be running the famous "CTM" u-joints but at $300.00 each it won't happen anytime soon. I also plan on running Alloy front shafts but I figure these new shafts that I got should hold up fine but time will tell. I hate having to repair things in the woods but "S**T HAPPENS". Now I have all my axle shafts ready to put in the housing now it's time to get my $ ARB $ for the 60. I was able to find one for a good price so I ordered it I also got a master install kit also. When they come in the gears can be set up in the axle. Here are a few pics of the new parts that I got to rebuild both of the "top" & "bottom" King Pins. These are all Spicer Part #'s for those of you who need a certain part and for some of you who aren't to familiar with what they look like.
Spindle bearing kit Part # 700014 (below)
TOP) King Pin knuckle bushing Part # 41886 (below)
King Pin spring retainer Part # 620180 (below)
King Pin Spring Part # 37300 (below)
Dana 60 Spindle Part # 700013 (below)
Inner Axle tube seals Part # 470682 (below)
(Bottom) King Pin bearing kit Part # 706395x (below)
Left to Right: Inner Spindle Collar Part # 660568 Outter Spindle Collar Part # 621027- Spindle Nut Lock Washer Part # 621028
Ready to get put together!
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